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Copper, rooted in ceturies of use, will not rust, has no finish to scratch or peel, is soft enough to easily tool and weathers naturally to a beautiful, natural green patina. Although considerably more expensive than aluminum and steel, copper is the metal of choice for building with a long design life

Copper Gutter: K-style

Slate And Copper Sales Company's K Style gutter styles (otherwise known as Ogee gutter items) are available in two different fashions?standard k style gutter or 45-degree pitched apron k style copper gutters.
Standard Ogee gutter system styles are available in 16 ounce copper and 16 ounce lead-coated copper. The standard available lengths for the Ogee gutter system are 10, 20 and 30 foot sections. Click on the pictures below for more information on sizes, dimensions and availability for all copper gutters.
K-style (also known as Ogee) Copper Rain Gutters are available in two different styles, Standard K-style and 45° Pitched Apron K-style Copper Gutter.  Standard K-style Copper Gutters are available in 16 and 20 ounce copper, and 16 ounce lead coated copper.  Pitched Apron Copper Gutter is only available in 16 ounce copper and 16 ounce lead coated copper.  The standard available lengths for the Standard K-style Copper Gutter is 10, 20, and 30 foot sections. 

Copper Gutter: Half Round

Slate and Copper Sales Company's World Gutter System single bead half round gutter profile is unique in its design. Notice the back lip on the gutter this is an overflow lip. Once the gutter is properly installed inside of the gutter hangers the back of the gutter is ever so slightly higher than the front of the gutter. So if your gutter become clogged with debris and can't drain water the water will spill over the front of the gutter rather than the back of the gutter against your fascia board. The back lip also helps to lock the gutter into position when overlapping one gutter section into another. Another beneficial feature of the design is the front bead. The front bead is a slightly open design making installation quicker and easier while still providing ultimate strength and beauty. You do not need to manipulate the gutter bead at all to get the gutter sections to overlap into each other. If you notice the vertical piece of metal inside of the front bead this allows the gutter to lock into position when overlapping the gutter sections as well. Our World Gutter System Single Bead Half Round Gutter is available in (.65mm) 18 ounce (special order), (.7mm) 20.44 ounce (in stock), and thicker more durable (.8mm) 23.36 ounce (special order) as well. Only the (.7mm) 20.44 ounce is available as a stock item. Standard gutter lengths are 3 meter 10', and 5.5 meter 18' for the 5", 6", and 7.6" half round profiles.